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Here at Binary Royale, we love RackTables. RackTables is an open source project/product which allows the user to manage many things about servers and other devices in server racks. i.e the management of rack mounted servers, in racks, in computer halls, server rooms or data centers. You are able to add device type, make, model, configuration, operating system, ip addresses and more. You can also add virtual servers and link them to their physical hosts. This is all displayed back to the user in a visual representation of the room and the racks within them. RackTables provides you with the ability to mark equipment as faulty and include free text notes, making tracking faults to physical devices easier. By adding as much or as little detail as you require you are able to customise RackTables to your business needs. Using RackTables we are able to manage our customer assets, which are housed in various datacentres, very easily.


These instructions have been split into two sections, Configuring RackTables and Using RackTables.

The Configuring RackTables section includes instructions that you will require during your initial configuration, you may need to refer back to these if you wish to change or add to the configuration. During the initial configuration these instructions are best followed in the order that they are written, they are set out in the order that you need to configure sections to be able able to build up the information within RackTables.

The Using RackTables section is instructions for day to day use, for example adding a Rack to an existing Location. This can be used as reference material for day to day use of RackTables.


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